New Year. New Me.

This is my very first Word Press Blog and like countless other individuals I am screaming the trusty and dusty traditional New Years Mantra, “New Year. New Me. Two thousand fourteen brought love and pain as I had met the man that I thought I would some day marry and lost him when our relationship came to a close shortly before the close of the year. I changed jobs, sort of. I transferred to another location to further my career and that was a bust. All in all I am not sorry that 2014 happened. There were a lot of aha moments therein. Moments I could not have learned in any other time and place except for 2014. I hope to take the lessons learned last year and apply them to everyday situations of this year. I also hope to learn some stuff this year that will make greater and stronger than I was in 2014.

I really do hope to get more acquainted with this blog and back in touch with my writing. It has been a very long time  since I have taken the time to sit and write like this. In addition I hope that if I get followers you all will grow to like or even love my posts. So cheers to my introduction and a prosperous 2015/


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There isn't really alot to say about me. I am 30. I am woman. I LOVE to write.

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