Brain Power

“Brain Power.”

In assuming that we do only use 10 percent of our brain, if I could tap into the other 90 percent, I would seek great knowledge. I’d wanna know the answers to life’s great questions. Why are we here? What is death and so on and so forth. Im curious about the meaning of life when the end result for many of us  consists of our loved ones having a pity party with a pine box and an empty vessel. Is there something greater in this life that we should be seeking other than our personal desires?  Should we have a connection with the spiritual world on this side. I’d wanna know everything that there is to know about everything. I’d wanna know the why’s and the who’s and the where’s. Is everything circumstantial or “does everything happen for a reason?” There is so much that my own understanding can not fathom about this world and this life. And I’d want all the answers had I the capability to use 100 percent of my brain power. I’d write more but this pretty much sums it all up.


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There isn't really alot to say about me. I am 30. I am woman. I LOVE to write.