This blog is about being able to pull through life’s struggles and emerging a champion. It is about finding the strength that you never knew you had. This blog is about surviving after the Unhappily Ever After. That’s really a more impressive tale. I don’t know about you but I’m really not enthused about listening to Cinderella tell her story. Not that it doesn’t count, but it all worked out. She got the prince the end. I wanna here about the girl who didn’t land her prince and had to make her own way and became a champion by her own merits. That’s the kind of stuff that puts fire in the pits of our bellies. I don’t discredit real life Cinderellas. I just can’t relate and that is what communion is all about…relating.

And that’s the problem with fairy tales. Everything is at the mercy of that Handsome Prince. But what if the handsome prince never comes? Or what if you meet him in the “wrong order” meaning what if you saved yourself from harm’s way first. I think a lot of women suffer from fairytale-itis. Waiting for someone else to come and save the day. And we don’t live in that time any longer. Its time to step out and save your own hide.  Stop waiting for the perfect moment. Just go now. Make a difference. Make your  own dreams come true. Stop reaching for the stars and become one.


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