For Posterity

“For Posterity.”

I started blogging a few days ago, maybe a week at the most. And my purpose was to find myself through something that I really enjoy. In addition I took a few days off work to completely immerse myself into my craft and clear my head. Only thing is I’m more lost than when I started. I am almost exactly at point A. I have been doing my usual which consists of prayer, meditation and blogging when I don’t have writers block. Continue reading For Posterity


blog assignment: who am i and why am i writing

As I was maneuvering through this site I came across a blog assignment. A simple assignment, which simply to introduce myself to my readers (should I ever develop any). So here goes.

“Who am I?” I am a woman approximately 30 years in age. Who knows boredom and frustration. I am recently single as my boyfriend dumped me before the Christmas holiday. And simply put I am hurting. I just need something to take my mind off the sting of breakup. Also I love to write.

“What will I write about?” Who knows? I’m just gonna play this thing by ear and see what happens. It’s different and looks to be alot of fun. And after being left by a man I loved, fun is what I need. I want to keep my blog very open and honest