Brain Power

“Brain Power.”

In assuming that we do only use 10 percent of our brain, if I could tap into the other 90 percent, I would seek great knowledge. I’d wanna know the answers to life’s great questions. Why are we here? What is death and so on and so forth. Im curious about the meaning of life when the end result for many of us  consists of our loved ones having a pity party with a pine box and an empty vessel. Is there something greater in this life that we should be seeking other than our personal desires?  Should we have a connection with the spiritual world on this side. I’d wanna know everything that there is to know about everything. I’d wanna know the why’s and the who’s and the where’s. Is everything circumstantial or “does everything happen for a reason?” There is so much that my own understanding can not fathom about this world and this life. And I’d want all the answers had I the capability to use 100 percent of my brain power. I’d write more but this pretty much sums it all up.


blog assignment: who am i and why am i writing

As I was maneuvering through this site I came across a blog assignment. A simple assignment, which simply to introduce myself to my readers (should I ever develop any). So here goes.

“Who am I?” I am a woman approximately 30 years in age. Who knows boredom and frustration. I am recently single as my boyfriend dumped me before the Christmas holiday. And simply put I am hurting. I just need something to take my mind off the sting of breakup. Also I love to write.

“What will I write about?” Who knows? I’m just gonna play this thing by ear and see what happens. It’s different and looks to be alot of fun. And after being left by a man I loved, fun is what I need. I want to keep my blog very open and honest

New Year. New Me.

This is my very first Word Press Blog and like countless other individuals I am screaming the trusty and dusty traditional New Years Mantra, “New Year. New Me. Two thousand fourteen brought love and pain as I had met the man that I thought I would some day marry and lost him when our relationship came to a close shortly before the close of the year. I changed jobs, sort of. I transferred to another location to further my career and that was a bust. All in all I am not sorry that 2014 happened. There were a lot of aha moments therein. Moments I could not have learned in any other time and place except for 2014. I hope to take the lessons learned last year and apply them to everyday situations of this year. I also hope to learn some stuff this year that will make greater and stronger than I was in 2014.

I really do hope to get more acquainted with this blog and back in touch with my writing. It has been a very long time  since I have taken the time to sit and write like this. In addition I hope that if I get followers you all will grow to like or even love my posts. So cheers to my introduction and a prosperous 2015/