Connect The Dots

“Connect the Dots.”

“Look it was just a spontaneous idea,” she said. I hope eBooks apply because its 9:45 at night and I’m in bed and the closest book to me is on my Amazon Kindle Account. At this point I’m thinking I wish I had picked a better book, but the damage is done. So with without further ado….

“Look it was just a spontaneous idea,” she said. I was interviewing Emerald Stone on her blog that seemingly took the world by storm. “I had gone through a bad breakup and needed something to take my mind off of it. It’s all there in the blog. I had considered blogging for a while but nothing quite gave me that push. But oh what a broken heart can do.” she stated as she chuckled. “We’ll, it’s four years later, and you have a successful blog, a husband and children now. So, I guess you could say that breakup paid off ” I said to her. “Yes, I suppose you could. “she said. We chatted for a bit more. I got great notes and a few posh pictures of her in her modest living room, We were on the second floor of her apartment building. The room smelled of freshly cut gardenias. I know this because they were all that I could smell as they were sitting on the table between us as we conversed. This article was gonna be a masterpiece and just what I needed to kick start my own career as a journalist. EVERYBODY read this woman’s stuff, regular Joe’s and celebrities alike. As she walked me to the door she glanced at me and said……


Daily Prompt: What change big or small would you like your blog to make in the world?

“Be the Change.”

I really want my blog to be uplifting. I want to be a positive source for others despite hardships and difficulties.  I want to inspire and aspire. News these days can be so depressing I rarely even listen to it or watch it. After someone has a bad day or week I want them to turn to my blog for something informative or entertaining or funny or really witty. I want to promote self expression and positivity even when times are at their most callous. simply put and stated several times in my blog. I like to write. So I write. I want my blog to be about doing what you love to do no matter what others tell you. I believe that only you can make yourself happy. No other person on this planet is capable. If you cant make yourself happy how dare you put that weight on another individual. Love yourself in everyway. and lean towards whatever your faith may be. Personally, mine is Christianity and I lean on it when I need strength I’m getting pretty good at leaning on it when I’m not at my weakest. Which is quite nice. I talk to God while I am at work, and while I am in the car, just whenever and it helps. Writing also gives me strength and makes me feel incredible so I’m writing and I’m gonna keep on writing. It’s just a part of who I was created to be and I know it. I embrace it. And I have never felt more alive. I believe that these words will help someone somewhere and I hope to make a positive difference, big or small in someone else’s life.

Daily Prompt: New Skin

“New Skin.”

My initial plan was to blog everyday this year, but I have fallen off a bit as you can see. No worries, however we’ll just power through. This Writing prompt is entitled New Skin and asks a really interesting question. The question, being “If you could spend the next year as someone radically different from the current “you” — a member of a different species, someone from a different gender or generation, etc. — who would you choose to be?” This is a brilliant question. Am I stalling with word, you may ask. And plainly put “Yes I am”. Let’s begin.

If I could be anybody by choice this year. I definitely wouldn’t pick me. At first glance, I thought the Doctor’s companion. I mean who want to be saved by a Madman with a box? Free to travel anywhere in time and space with a two hearted alien who spends his lives helping others. Most specifically, I would be River Song, beginning to end. River is amazing. She is the only companion who in some ways knows more than the Doctor. Her storyline alone sets her apart and she marries The Doctor. What more could you ask for in life? River is lively. She is fun and mysterious and possibly my favorite companion to date. Which  explains why I would wanna be he. There is so much depth to her and let us not forget about her “Spoilers”.

What’s so intriguing about her is that she keeps meeting the Doctor in the wrong order. For example her last time seeing him was his first time seeing her. Its really hard to explain to anyone who isn’t a whovian. But it is perplexing and amazing and just phenomenally written. She is everything I would wanna be if I could pick the me that I wanna be.

How to Stop Loving Someone: Blog assignment -“Write to your ideal audience”

When I was younger, I wanted to be a journalist. In someway blogging is helping me fulfill that desire. So I hope you enjoy as I sit here in my bathrobe and pretend to be this Journalistic Scholar pumping out hard truth and such. When really I’m just peddling my own brand of tomfoolery and life experience. Which according to who you ask are the same thing.

Due to my current circumstance, I have reviewed this topic several times over. There are several blogs and YouTube videos and friends with opinions on the best way to go about the best way to “Stop Loving Someone”. I believe that in my findings the absolute worst (in my opinion) advice that I got was “The best way to get over a man is to get under a new one.”  I do not pass judgment on others, but I will say that this advice isn’t for me. It actually seems pretty unhealthy. The actual principle is “I love and miss him/her so I’m gonna go and have sex with a totally different person while I still have these unresolved feelings for him/her.” I do not understand the logic behind it and I quickly sought guidance elsewhere.

I really didn’t find any blogs or internet content in general helpful. Everything was just the stuff I’m doing anyway, like “don’t be afraid to cry” or  “find hobbies to take your mind off your situation.” SO maybe I’m doing it right, who knows? I guess there is no magic potion to make you “Stop Loving Someone”. Only time can heal those wounds, If you let it.

I find that meditation is quite simply the bees knees when it comes to healing the mind, and soul. I’ve bn doing it for 8 days and already I feel spiritually open. and strong enough to keep moving in spite of love lost. I can’t even explain it. It just has a way of renewing my soul and calming my spirit. And I know that with further continuance I’ll be able to kick this love sickness. A friend of mine told me that “Love never dies, It just fades”. And I think that that is wonderful. Its such a beautiful outlook on the subject.