I am just starting out really, here on WordPress. It seems like a nice enough neighborhood for me to want to settle down in. The neighbors themselves are rather colorful in every sense of the word. I believe I will make this place my home. I hope you are fond of the decorating. It’s not really my strong suit. I just hope you find it inviting enough to stay for a conversation or two. Refreshments are optional. Any tips on how to make my blog better are appreciated. So without further ado…..

Welcome to my humble abode. I am M. Stone together we will go on a journey. Its not planned or premeditated, we are just going where life takes us. I am very excited about starting this new blog and I hope you will be just as excited about reading it. I’m still young in some ways, but I still have some lesson s under my belt. Thirty years has taught me much and yet I still know that I have more to learn. I would love to hear your stories as well. Also If you would like me to subscribe to your blog let me know.

-M. Stone