For Posterity

“For Posterity.”

I started blogging a few days ago, maybe a week at the most. And my purpose was to find myself through something that I really enjoy. In addition I took a few days off work to completely immerse myself into my craft and clear my head. Only thing is I’m more lost than when I started. I am almost exactly at point A. I have been doing my usual which consists of prayer, meditation and blogging when I don’t have writers block. Continue reading For Posterity


How to Stop Loving Someone: Blog assignment -“Write to your ideal audience”

When I was younger, I wanted to be a journalist. In someway blogging is helping me fulfill that desire. So I hope you enjoy as I sit here in my bathrobe and pretend to be this Journalistic Scholar pumping out hard truth and such. When really I’m just peddling my own brand of tomfoolery and life experience. Which according to who you ask are the same thing.

Due to my current circumstance, I have reviewed this topic several times over. There are several blogs and YouTube videos and friends with opinions on the best way to go about the best way to “Stop Loving Someone”. I believe that in my findings the absolute worst (in my opinion) advice that I got was “The best way to get over a man is to get under a new one.”  I do not pass judgment on others, but I will say that this advice isn’t for me. It actually seems pretty unhealthy. The actual principle is “I love and miss him/her so I’m gonna go and have sex with a totally different person while I still have these unresolved feelings for him/her.” I do not understand the logic behind it and I quickly sought guidance elsewhere.

I really didn’t find any blogs or internet content in general helpful. Everything was just the stuff I’m doing anyway, like “don’t be afraid to cry” or  “find hobbies to take your mind off your situation.” SO maybe I’m doing it right, who knows? I guess there is no magic potion to make you “Stop Loving Someone”. Only time can heal those wounds, If you let it.

I find that meditation is quite simply the bees knees when it comes to healing the mind, and soul. I’ve bn doing it for 8 days and already I feel spiritually open. and strong enough to keep moving in spite of love lost. I can’t even explain it. It just has a way of renewing my soul and calming my spirit. And I know that with further continuance I’ll be able to kick this love sickness. A friend of mine told me that “Love never dies, It just fades”. And I think that that is wonderful. Its such a beautiful outlook on the subject.